D40 Executive 2023

Feb 18, 2023

This is your Brant District 40 Executive to be approved at the May 2024 Membership Meeting:
President ~ Betty Anne Whitney
Past President ~ Keith Gloster
First Vice-President ~ VACANT
Treasurer ~ Mieke Schroeder
Secretary ~ Lynn Kennedy
Health Coordinator ~ Dave Haylock
Governance Coordinator ~ Dave Haylock
Membership Coordinator ~ Lynn Haylock
RPW Coordinator ~ Lynn Haylock
Goodwill Coordinators ~ Margaret Gillan, Shirley Latulippe
Newletter Editor ~ Janet Rubas
Social Media Coordinator ~ VACANT
Website Coordinator ~ Barb Rogelstad
Events Coordinator ~ Christine Hazell
Special Events Coordinator ~ Ruth Mills
Community Grants Coordinator ~ Theano Papadopoulous
Political Advocacy Coordinator ~ VACANT
Travel Coordinator ~ VACANT
Members at Large ~ Jim Harder, Gerry Fuss